Does the new 8.12 version of the Dashboard compone...
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Does the new 8.12 version of the Dashboard component allow creating new dashboards as well as editing existing dashboards? I am looking to add insights, manage the layout of insights and configure drilldown behaviors. I understand this also required Gooddata CN 2.3. Can I get some guidance on this?
Yes, edit mode is part of SDK 8.12 release. The Dashboard component now provides an end-to-end solution for the creation and consumption of dashboards with a full drag-and-drop editing experience.
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Well... it's still missing the creation of insights right in the edit mode...
@Gonçalo Teixeira So insights can be created in the AD and then embedded/arranged and configured in the Dashboard component - right?
Okay that's good enough
@Gonçalo Teixeira correct, Edit mode is available when embedding dashboards using iframes, Web Components, and React component. However, the AD-overaly (Analyze-overlay) is only available from Dashboards when embedded using an iframe. You can still embed AD (Analyze), let users create new insights and then let them edit the dashboards.