Hello gooddata team, Doubt: Is it possible to cust...
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Hello gooddata team, Doubt: Is it possible to customize the initial loading of the dashboard component? Passing for example a loading component that could be a skeleton of the dashboard replacing the three initial points? Note that what we want to change is the loading of the component dashboard when it starts and not the useDashboardLoader with the loading result. Thank you
Can I have some response to this please?
@Jiri Zajic
I am not sure if this is possible. Maybe @Matyáš Kandl or @Ivan Nejezchleb would know? 🙏
@Nuno Salgado If you are using Dashboard react component, it should have prop
where you can provide your own loading component. BUT This is used not only during loading of whole dashboard, but also for individual widgets when they are loading.
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humm thank you, I will give a try, but if this will be used for loading insights maybe is not going to work. Basically we want to have a dashboard skeleton like material ui allow to do, with the backbones will is loading. But anyway this could be a good feature to have, an specific loading for a dashboard component. Thank you!
@Nuno Salgado Skeleton-like loading is something we are considering to implement, but there is no plan for this yet and it probably won't be delivered this year. Specific loading component just for the dashboard itself and divide it from the rest of the widgets seems as a good idea, so thanks for the feedback, this is something we can probably deliver sooner. Possible workaround can be hiding the dashboard component via CSS styles during the load, showing the skeleton instead, and once the dashboard is loaded / initialized (it should be possible to determine this according to the events fired by the dashboard component), hide the skeleton and show the dashboard.
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Thank you for the suggestion. I tried to override
, but indeed this replicate the same loading to the insights so is a no go for us. I think this division will add the flexibility to the user create this skeleton behaviour in a easy way. I will try to do the css suggestion and see if we can do it. Thank you for the reply and please let me know if something changes according with this case. 👍