Is there any documentation on supporting/integrati...
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Is there any documentation on supporting/integrating the UI SDK with mobile apps e.g. tablet form factors? Is the idea that this would need to happen in a web view or is there a plan for native support on ios/android? Leverage react-native?
Hello, Sheldon. At the moment, we do not have documentation regarding the integration of the GD.UI SDK with mobile apps. I do believe we have a few clients who have used SDK to build their mobile apps, but native support for mobile platforms is not in the roadmap, as far as I could find. You can have a look at it on I can say for sure that the Dashboards, the main feature which is most often embedded, have a Responsive UI that scales properly and works well with mobile devices (you can see for yourself via any browser dev-tools that simulate mobile screens). I hope this answers your question! Let me know if you have anything else to add or ask.