Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face: Does anyone have...
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Hi there! 🙂 Does anyone have code examples in React of the backend analytics with SSO? I am having a hard time building those two together, so it would be nice to have some references. Thanks!
Hi Bruna, please see the following article in our GoodData Community that will help you with this: https://community.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui-kb-articles-48/gooddata-ui-saml-sso-example-411
Thanks! Actually I am using PGP SSO, but I also found a nice link with code references (for everyone who needs it as well): https://community.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui-kb-articles-48/gooddata-ui-pgp-sso-example-394 I saw also that this tutorial is based on the backend that was set with the CLI react-project from GoodData. I am just wondering, do you know if we have a simplify reference of the backend provider and context setup? Right now the currently issue are this one:
Error: Please make sure the context is already authenticated when using ContextDeferredAuthProvider at NotAuthenticated.AnalyticalBackendError [as constructor
@Michael Ullock Is there any documentation where PGP SSO is used together with proxy? I can see that login request is 200 OK but cookies are not set and subsequent calls are failing. I suspect that this may be related to proxy config. For context, we are using DeferredContext (
withAuthentication(new ContextDeferredAuthProvider());
) For an experiment, I set cookies manually in proxy config (
event handler) and then it works.
Hi Bilal, to be honest, the GoodData.UI preconfigured proxy is for testing quite basic scenarios. It's probably possible to do SSO with proxy, but such proxy would have to be developed by you and tailored to your specific needs based on the HTTP standards. We haven't really tested such case, and there's no documentation.