Hi, I have to rewrite all filters in the app to cu...
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Hi, I have to rewrite all filters in the app to custom filters, to change the default behaviour. Basically, every time users select a filter, system updates all the other filters, narrowing down to only remaining possible values. I use useExecutionDataView to get the possible values for the field, filters contains all filters in the application from a global context. const { result, status } = useExecutionDataView({ execution: { seriesBy: [], slicesBy: [Md.CorrMake], filters }, }); How do I interpret the result variable and transform it as the input for staticElements of the <AttributeFilterButton /> component>?
Hello @Michael Serres please take a look into the
methods... specifically
are probably containing the data you are looking for. See https://github.com/gooddata/gooddata-ui-sdk/blob/master/libs/sdk-ui/src/base/results/internal/resultMetaMethods.ts#L35
Thanks @Matyáš Kandl I connected the dots and it works now. Pretty amazing user exp with associative filters. I wish I know all the functions available in the SDK!
@Michael Serres We are currently working on SDK documentation improvements (planning to release it the next year), so I hope it will help with overall SDK experience 🙂 All the questions here are valuable feedback, thanks for it.
🎉 New note created.