:wave: Hello, team! I am trying to export an exist...
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👋 Hello, team! I am trying to export an existing workspace into a different target workspace via the grey pages, however, I am continuously hitting this error
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Project '<new workspace>' is not empty. SLILookup already exists.
All the data models and dashboards have been deleted from this target workspace. There are no metrics or any other objects present. Any help will be greatly appreciated
Hello Suman, Please limit your questions to one channel as their serve their purpose by separating inquiries based on product. I believe you are working with the GoodData Platform edition, is this correct? If this is the case, you must completely delete a workspace so nothing is available. Then you can create a new workspace with the import token of the clone.
thanks @Joseph Heun
but can I create a new workspace by using the import token ?
I keep getting this message whenever I am trying to come out of the
screen of the target workspace. I have saved multiple times
however, if I click on
create model
then this message is not shown
It looks like you are just trying to import an LDM, is this correct? Or, are you trying to clone a whole workspace? https://help.gooddata.com/doc/free/en/workspace-and-user-administration/administrating-workspaces-and-workspace-objects/clone-a-workspace/
No, I am trying to clone a whole workspace
Problem is, although I am an admin in the source workspace, I don't think I have access to create a new workspace
that's why I tried cleaning up an un-used workspace and attempted cloning into that cleaned up workspace
You will need to discuss this with your domain admin
ok, thanks for your help @Joseph Heun