Hello guys/gals! I'm looking for some help here......
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Hello guys/gals! I'm looking for some help here... I have to filter only the most recent invoices of each client from an specific region. I've tried filtering within the report builder and also by creating a metric, but unfortunately with no success so far. Would someone share an insight in this matter?
Hello Adair, If you want to get the most recent data, then I would recommend creating a metric that utilizes the MAX function. Please take a look at this Community post where a user ran into a similar problem: https://community.gooddata.com/metrics-and-maql-57/last-session-date-697. All in all, the metric that you would need to build is nicely described in our documentation: https://help.gooddata.com/classic/en/dashboards-and-insights/maql-analytical-query-la[…]d-tutorials/finding-min-and-max-dates-using-date-arithmetic/