Hi I think I’ve found a bug in the cloud UI - I ad...
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Hi I think I’ve found a bug in the cloud UI - I added a filter to one dashboard page and it added it to all of them. The filter in question is not relevant to the other pages and cannot work on the other pages. See thread
Routine type filter was added by editing the dashboard then adding filter by dragging the item to the filter bar.
It then shows up on all my other dashboards
I can’t see any option that would suggest this is deliberate. It is also not the behaviour that I’ve seen previously when adding filters. Suggests it is a bug? or am I missing something?
I understand there is likely a solution in code but that can’t always be the answer to an introduced bug. Constructing new dashboards in code is much more cumbersome than just being able to do it via the web UI.
Hi Jamie, that is pretty strange behavior indeed. However, when I tried reproducing it on my own GoodData Cloud environment, it didn’t happen. Would you kindly provide the exact steps that led to the issue? Perhaps capture a video of it happening so we can better investigate it? Thank you! 🙂
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