Hello! I am struggling to build a visualization wi...
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Hello! I am struggling to build a visualization with a metric and a date that are belonging to the same table in our data schema. The metric is count of completions, built as
SELECT COUNT({label/completions.id})
. Once I bring that into my visualization, I am looking to add a date dimension to the visualization to look at completions only happened after a certain date. Happened_at is a date / timestamp we have in the data schema. Both completions.id and happened.at refer to the same table (Completions). But the tool hides Happened_at as unrelated data point. Any suggestions on what could be missing here?
Is the dataset connected to a date dataset in the data model? Do you apply any filters in UI or as security filters (User Defined Filter)?
Thanks @Jakub Sterba we will check these points
I think we found the issue!
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