Hi, I need help troubleshooting this issue, we are...
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Hi, I need help troubleshooting this issue, we are using GD.CN, we are getting the below error when accessing existing insights or attempt to create a new insight.
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  "title": "Bad Request",
  "status": 400,
  "detail": "Table path or SQL definition must be specified for dataset='t_job_view_latte_6082a4383639ac0001ffe303'",
  "traceId": "48a3f01638aa7c6c"
The dataset is not correctly mapped to an underlying DB table. Maybe you dropped the table or renamed it? Go to LDM Modeler UI app and click EDIT - right panel should warn you what mapping is not correct. If you don't want to use UI, you can get LDM with
and search for the dataset ID. It should look like in the screenshot below. Check what is defined in dataSourceTableId section, in the path section. Is it empty? Does the expected table exist in the data source?
Hi Jan, I checked 1 LDM the definition looks correct; however when i try to build an insight using it i get the error.
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"dataSourceTableId": {
          "dataSourceId": "ath-insights-si",
          "id": "t_content_flex_model_view_latte",
          "type": "dataSource"
@Jan Soubusta Any guidance
Sorry, I forgot to attach the screenshot
You are missing
section, which defines the mapping to the DB table
It's array because you have to define
LDM Modeler UI app does it for you
But you can generate it programmatically too
How exactly do you create the LDM?
via API
it was functional
Have you recently upgraded the GD.CN instance?
This smells like an issue related to a breaking change we introduced last year with version 3,0, Definition of LDM and it's mapping to DB objects was changed significantly
let me check
looks like we are on V2.3