Hi, I’m trying to put together an Insight where I ...
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Hi, I’m trying to put together an Insight where I am only interested in the totals. I am getting boarding data for bus routes and stops. Some boarding data does not have a stop, so I can identify these by looking at the difference between Sum and Rollup. What I’d like to do is hide the rows reflecting each stop, and just get the values for sum (reflecting boardings for known stops) and rollup (reflecting values for unknown stops. Is there a way to hide the row level data, but still have the sum and rollups reflect it? 2nd, possibly similar question in terms of adding data to calculate something, then hide it: On a separate Insight I have boardings and alightings, then I have a custom metric to calculate the ratio. I’d like to just put the ratio on a chart without the boarding and alighting values. Is this possible?
Hello Cliff, it sounds like the metric is currently being broken down by some attributes in Analytical Designer. If you wish to get only the totals without breaking the metric down, then you would need to remove the attributes under the “Rows” section, but note that depending on how the metric was defined, it will be necessary to make some adjustments, e.g., specify with the WHERE clause what attributes to include in the sum, e.g., SELECT SUM (fact) WHERE {attribute} = value, etc., or define the level of granularity with BY. If you need further help, please feel free to send over here or via DM your metric definition and how your insight looks like.