Easy Q I haven't found written anywhere): regardin...
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Easy Q I haven't found written anywhere): regarding TIMESTAMP variable formatting, what's the right format for a value? e.g., 2024-03-06 132244 UTC or 06/03/2024 1:22pm +00 or is this handled automatically in some way that i don't have to worry about it?
(currently I'm using two variables, time_date as 2024-03-06 and time_hms at 132244, of course my LDM isn't interpreting any time-of-day information as it's using only time_date for all date and time info)
Hi Daniel, in GoodData Cloud you can use the TIMESTAMP or TIMESTAMPTZ formats, which are stored in the source data as
yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS
Got it, thank you!
I assume that means the HH is in 24h format
Yes, that’s correct!