Hi, table visuals are pretty limited from a prese...
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Hi, table visuals are pretty limited from a presentation point of view. Where is table de-uglification on the roadmap? In particular I would expect: ā€¢ ability to format cell and column font / text colour / cell colour ā€¢ ability to format cell border line colour and border line type ā€¢ ability to format headers/footers independently ā€¢ some support for conditional formatting
Hi Jamie, thanks for your inputs! I will address them in turn, so bear with me for a minute. I must say I am not sure if these features (as you said, de-uglification šŸ˜… ) are in our roadmap at the moment, but I will be happy to put this down as Product Feedback on your behalf. That said, at this time the only way of achieving this level of customization of Tables would be via a custom Dashboard Plugin, which would have to be developed from your end.
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@Jamie Lawrie thanks a lot for the term
, you made (not only) my day! šŸ™‚