And great to see cross-filtering showing up - huge...
# gd-beginners
And great to see cross-filtering showing up - huge difference there. But any plans to make clicking on the visual also the way to deselect the filter? Clicking on the same thing to toggle selection on and off is much smoother than having to go to the top of the screen to remove the filter. Another quick q on cross filtering - how do I remove the option to cross-filter on an object? see thread
in this case I only want to allow drill into the Cycle users insight - I don’t want to cross filter. But I can’t see a config option on the visual or via the dashboard interactions.
Hi Jamie, once again this would be valid Product Feedback - I will raise it with our engineers. Regarding the removal of cross-filtering once it is enabled: indeed, this can only be done from the filter bar. As for disabling the option to use a certain insight to cross-filter, it is also not possible right now. Thanks for your insights here!