Hi everyone, On integrating GD into our Next.js ap...
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Hi everyone, On integrating GD into our Next.js application. While following the documentation for the integration process, I encountered an issue regarding the addition of the API token. Despite adding the token to my .env file and modifying the next.config.js file accordingly, I'm receiving an error stating 'You do not have the TIGER_API_TOKEN environment variable set.' I've also checked the updated Next.js repository for reference but couldn't find any specific instructions on setting up the TIGER_API_TOKEN. Could anyone provide guidance or assistance on how to resolve this issue? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Hello Ahamed, Could you try the following:
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export TIGER_API_TOKEN='your-api-token'
npm run refresh-md
Thank you, @Moises Morales. The problem was that there was no mention of where to paste the export code. I initially thought it should be in a JS/TS file exporting that attribute. Anyway, thank you for your assistance.