hey the default date filter on a dashboard is huge...
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hey the default date filter on a dashboard is hugely presumptive that it is always needed. How can we remove it? see thread
I’m talking about this but my colleague believes this doesn’t work in our set up. Surely there must be a way to remove this!
A feature for GD Cloud which will let you hide a filter on dashboard via filter configuration in UI is coming soon and it is going to support hiding of the date range filter too. The trick with adding
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"dateFilterConfig": {
"mode": "hidden",
"filterName": "Date range"
into “content” of analyticalDashboard object via REST API may work already. You can GET dashboard definition using
and use PUT to update it with definition enriched by dateFilterConfig.
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We just implemented a feature in our own instance to toggle filter visibility doing this - works well!
thanks @Jakub Sterba we’ve got that working now