Anything on the product roadmap to include more de...
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Anything on the product roadmap to include more detailed tooltip options? When I hover over a visual I would like the option of providing more contextual data (e.g. if I show a visual with a % rate I might like to also show raw numbers when hovering over so the user knows the sample sizes). Is this possible and I’m missing it?
Hi Jamie, it is not on our short term roadmap to my knowledge. In case you want to display percentage as well as total number in tooltip maybe you can use a following workaround”
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select round({metric/metric1}/(select {metric/metric1} by all other)*100)+ {metric/metric1}/1000000
It calculates percentage as integer part and raw number as in decimal digits (as millionths). For example
Metric format:
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#,##0\% ({{{.000001|1000000|#,##0}}})
will display such number as
50% (123)
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ok thanks for logging it