hi, can I ask why tool tips / help text is availab...
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hi, can I ask why tool tips / help text is available when on a dashboard but not when drilling down into an insight? When I drill into an insight it pops up a window overlay but the help text is not available. Given that I can drill into ANY insight in the product you can’t assume that the insight will have the same help text apply as the source. Is there any way to achieve this outside of the Cloud web ui?
Hi Jamie, by tooltip I assume you mean the text that pops up when you click the
button on dashboards, correct? I checked from my ends, and it seems you are right. The tool tips are by default inherited from the description on the Insights (see Step 7 of this article). A custom description can be set specifically for the dashboard as well; however, when you drill into an Insight, neither option shows up. I haven’t found any ways of getting it to show up after drilling in. I’d be happy to mark this down as feedback for our product team! Just so I relay your priorities to them correctly: The required feature here would be that Insight descriptions/tooltips are displayed when one Drills into an Insight. Correct?
thanks that is correct and yes I think it is worth flagging as a product improvement. If you are going to allow links to any insight when clicking then you should allow for the help text to be visible from there too.
Thank you! I will mark this down as a product improvement. May I ask how important such a feature would be for you and your Organization, on a scale from Nice-to-have to Critical? I will highlight this one internally and would like to enrich the feedback as much as possible 🙂
low importance for me so ‘Nice-to-have’
🎉 New note created.