Hi All -- I just enabled GoodData trial. I have a ...
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Hi All -- I just enabled GoodData trial. I have a Power BI dashboard that I regularly use. I periodically extract CSV files into folders, and combine them on Power BI. Is there a way to combine CSV files in GoodData? My system can export only a year's data at a time. So, I have files such as Production 2020.csv, Production 2021.csv, Production 2022.csv, and Production 2023.csv. I would like to combine them into Production.csv. For now, I am trying to port my existing (and familiar) workflow on to GoodData Platform. Appreciate any help or guidance you can provide.
Hi Ish, Unfortunately, there is no similar built-in feature currently in GoodData. However, I will submit a product feedback on your behalf so our product team can consider this in future developments. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
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