Hi Good-Data, I am new to good-data. Can you pleas...
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Hi Good-Data, I am new to good-data. Can you please help me with : 1. Can we use good-data to listen to the events happening on the web application page and then store the metrics into the database and using these metrics display the graphs etc. to each customer ?
Hi Hemant, This scenario doesn’t sound like something that would be supported by GoodData. However, I am not sure if I fully understand your use-case and the whole flow here. Could you please elaborate a bit more in regards how would this exactly work so we can possibly submit a product feedback on your behalf? Thank you.
Firstly, Thanks Julius for your time. Our application has portfolio pages for each of our customer. And we want to capture the events taking place on these portfolio pages for each customer. Events could be views, hits etc. on the portfolio pages and then we want to show our customer a piece of dashboard with graphs or charts with the total number of views, mostly viewed video on portfolio page etc. Overall, we want to get the events captured on the portfolio pages. And then displaying the trends(graphs) on each portfolio page. Please let me know, if you still have any doubt about it. I would be happy to explain it more precisely.
Hi Hemant, the part "_displaying the trends (graphs) on each portfolio page for each of your customers"_ does sound to me like a good fit for GoodData (if I understand it correctly you want a multi-tenant distributed analytics embedded into your application). This seems like a good fit as long as you have the data/events captured in a supported database. The part with capturing the events on your pages and storing them into your database, I don't think GoodData offers tooling for this part at the moment.
Thanks Michal, I appreciate your efforts for replying.
Well, I am looking for a solution which can have a capability to capture the events and showing the trends for multi tenants at the same time.
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