Hi! I'm a newcomer to GoodData and I'm trying to s...
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Hi! I'm a newcomer to GoodData and I'm trying to share a dashboard for viewing purposes. My inicial intention was to share an open URL, but only registered users are able to see it. Is it possible to share a dashboard with anyone who have its link?
I've already figured out how to send them by e-mail, but the perfect scenario would be a link.
Hi Adair, it’s possible to embed GoodData dashboards to external websites, you just need to use embed link that you can generate in GoodData from the dashboard. By default the embedded dashboard requires login credentials in order to authorise user login. However in case if you’re looking for a solution when there is no password/email required to view embedded GoodData dashboards, then implementation of SSO is required. Note that it’s always required to log in to GoodData to view dashboards. I recommend checking: Getting started with SSO | The GoodData Community
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Thanks for your help, @Moises Morales. I'll take some free time to read the article you shared with me. Since many of the most interested people on the dashboards don't have login credentials, a solution with no need of user/password would be welcomed.
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