it's sorting by first letter rather, instead of ac...
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it's sorting by first letter rather, instead of actual dates
Hi Seye, the dates were loaded as regular attributes instead of date attributes, that’s why they are being sorted alphabetically. Please reload the dataset as a date dataset for it to work properly. You can also add a date dataset as explained here: Manage Custom Date Dimensions
ok thank you
it's a bit confusing
Sorry to hear that, may we know where are you stuck?
so i have this up
and the attributes column is the only thing showing
is it the actual data that needs to be re-formatted differently? because i actually did put them in date format
Can you please follow one of the accepted date formats as specified here: CSV File Requirements. Once you follow the correct format, you will be able to specify the correct data type from the drop down menu.
Let me also take this oportunity to invite you to go through the free courses in our GoodData University so you can get more familiar with the platform: GoodData University
i need those courses!
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ok that was super helpful
i was using mmm-yy
clear now
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just another question
does the date part always need to be a column?