hi all, i'm struggling to get the dates arranged c...
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hi all, i'm struggling to get the dates arranged chronologically on my charts. i just don't see the option available? would appreciate some support
The “Date” is declared as attribute in your data model so it is ordered alphabetically by default. You can perhaps prepare the field as date type in your data model (e.g. first day of month if data has only month granularity). Fields of date type offer option to order them chronologically. You would have to provide date in format YYYY-MM-DD or MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY if you upload it from CSV. Then the option to declare it as date will be available in import form. Other option is to add “sort label” to field with “Attribute” type (e.g. ISO notation of month for example sort label 2022-07 for default display label Jul-22. You can then display data in the desired format but order it based on the sort label.