Hello, I will try to address your questions indivi...
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Hello, I will try to address your questions individually below: 1.Not yet, but there are plans on the roadmap to eventually provide this 2. You could utilize GoodData.ui to help with this: https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/ 3. If you are managing your workspaces through LifeCycle Management, you can set certain workspaces as segments to a master workspace. If you are are trying to limit data based on the user, then the most secure way to do so is through Data Permissions 4. This is based on how you set up your LDM and how you are connecting your datasets. However, the best practice is to have unique names for each column so that they are easier to select when building insights. There are some great free university courses to help with this here: https://university.gooddata.com/
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Thanks @Joseph Heun for your reply. I will look into the documentation you sent. Thanks a lot!!
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