Hello, i am a newbie here. I am integrating Goodda...
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Hello, i am a newbie here. I am integrating Gooddata into my react project, so far i have an idea of the flow and i have began implementation, but i discovered to use of the the @gooddata/react-components i need to be authenticated (as shown in the screenshot)😢, i really need assistance with the authentication, especially fighting the cors error in the sdk login request
Hi Gideon, this thread can be useful for solving the cors error you’re having: https://gooddataconnect.slack.com/archives/C01UR5BGAHY/p1643159857272289. Regarding the authentication issues, you can find on this guide how to integrate GoodData UI with SAML SSO: https://community.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui-kb-articles-48/gooddata-ui-saml-sso-example-411. Please note that SSO is not available for users in the free plan, but I can put you in touch with your account owner for further options.
@Moises Morales thanks, can i also confirm the user information i need to authenticate gooddata, seems i’d need to create the users but i dont know how
or do you have a codebase example i could work with?