What's up. Because I'm still testing out the dashb...
# gd-beginners
What's up. Because I'm still testing out the dashboarding features (it feels fresh, efficient, responsive and snappy, nice) I had some of the following questions, was wondering about GoodData's approach on this (please let me know this is not the right place to ask them): • Is there a way to add custom text, lines, arrows, images to a dashboard? • And is there some kind of way to 'design' your own Insight/Widget, based on code/css or a canvas, where you combine different components/visualisations into one, like the image attached? • Would it be possible to define different segments, where a segment stores as a user-defined set of different filters, and then for a dashboard, you can select a segment to filter the dashboard on? • I noticed that when you add 2 or more tables, the fields of those are combined in 1 alphabetical list when constructing Insights. Is there a way I can see the fields grouped by table? Or is it common practise in the data community to add prefixes to the column names of the table name so that the columns are separated by table naturally? Thanks for your help on this!