Hi All, Newbie here, I am working on building some...
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Hi All, Newbie here, I am working on building some metrics as a client of Twilio Flex, This may seem super simple, I am trying to create a metric that is 2 attributes combined together Date and time to create a single date and time column in a report
Hi Jeff. The following topic on the Community Page may help in providing you assistance in working with time dimensions. How exactly are you planning on using this final metric? Maybe MIN/MAX Dates could help in your final report as well.
We use it for sorting purposes in another visualization system that is public facing. We just signed on with Twilio Flex from another Contact Center platform so we are trying to duplicate our current report. We are not looking for max or min time. Just a combination of the Start Date and Start Time in one cell
for instance 2022/02/14 08:00
Hi Jeff, This can be done via number formatting, but your data will need to be adjusted from your source data so it can work, more specifically, the time/date will have to be stored in numeric format: