Hi, we are having a problem exporting workspaces i...
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Hi, we are having a problem exporting workspaces into PDF, do you have any idea what is going on?
I press export workspace on Platform and CN at the same time, Platform already did it's job, but CN is stuck at this screen
and now it return message there is error and to try again
Hi Filip, What kind of error message do you get? Would you be able to grab a screenshot of it, or even the error logs it generates, if possible? That would be really helpful. As for the Export to PDF feature, note that is it still a Beta feature for GoodData CN, and has not had its implementation finalised. As such, some wonkiness may be expected. Still, we would be happy to help you solve this!
ok, I think it's some problem with the headless chrome on k8s. We will try to fix it
we are getting the error: [0328/131518.177627ERRORzygote_host_impl_linux.cc(272)] Failed to adjust OOM score of renderer with pid 2209851: Permission denied (13) did you have a similar error?
I was not able to reproduce the error. On my tests the feature works without a hitch. Are you able to export single Insights to CSV/XLSX, or does that fail too? Have you also tried the export via the API (the article I shared before has the instructions for that too)?
Permission denied
that is emitted by chromium pod is not relevant.
Please check logs in
container of
thank you, I will investigate that