is there a way to add just one new user/group over...
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is there a way to add just one new user/group over API? at API references I only see PUT and GET for /api/v1/layout/users, is there any POST request for that? I have the same question about adding the permission for workspace per user
in general layout APIs (those having
in path) manipulate with all entities at once (that's why they support only GET and PUT). Entity APIs (having
in path) provide regular REST so you can manage a single entity.
Workspace permissions API is not available.
thank you, now it's clear.
is there a plan to add workspace permissions to /entities/ so we could manage a single workspace?
@Michal Vajbar ^^ is the "Entity API for workspace permissions" feature on roadmap?
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thank you
Hi Filip, Robert, we have this on the radar already. We are preparing several improvements for tenant provisioning. We do not have the delivery date yet, but it will not be sooner than in Q3 or Q4 this year.