Hello everyone, I open this thread to help us crea...
# gooddata-cn
Hello everyone, I open this thread to help us create the gooddata-cn installation, since we have been trying to install it for days and the dependencies have blocked us from advancing in the installation.
I had the same issues... but keep with it... it is possible to accomplish and there is some stellar help here... You are doing the k8s installation right? What helped me was first making sure that the Pulsar helm installed and started correctly... I think there was an issue with the pods in that help mounting storage... once that happened... Pulsar worked fine The other thing is the resources in the cluster... this is no joke! It needs a lot... if you are on AWS I was able to get it to work with 3x t3a.xlarge against GoodData recommendations. Hope that helps... post your issues here and folks will jump in with their advice
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Hi, if you continue having issues, please post here the error you are getting. Thanks!
After installing ingress-nginx , the deployment does not work and one of the pods reports the following error:
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Failed to create pod sandbox: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to setup network for sandbox "2ebf76eae9f099483add9d4c109b8fc56b7666d394a861756f2175dbcb2b81fd": plugin type="calico" failed (add): error getting ClusterInformation: connection is unauthorized: Unauthorized
what k8s environment are you in?
And which helm is failing?
I have a kubernetes cluster on premise servers, with kubeadm kucectl Client Version: v1.26.1 Server Version: v1.23.4
I am trying to install ingress-nginx
can you install ingress-nginx in docker-desktop?
get that to work... and then move to your on prem...
Hi, based on the error you provided (connection is unauthorized: Unauthorized) this originates from calico CNI, not from ingress-nginx. What version of Calico do you use? I've found a similar issues (here and here) that seem to be resolved but people still complaining.