Hi, I was checking Redis of CN. I deleted all data...
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Hi, I was checking Redis of CN. I deleted all data from Redis and from our database, and then I clear the cache on CN according to this post and opened CN in a new browser so cookies would not cause problems, and CN did still return old values. Can you please help me understand how does Cached Data on GD.CN works?
It definitely should not happen. The cache is cleared per data source. Did you clear caches for the right data source? You should not need to manually delete Redis itself, using the linked functionality should be enough.
Yes, I doubled checked data source and I was clearing the right data source. I was deleting Redis data to double check
ok, I think we have narrowed the problem. When we have a simple LDM with only one table clear cache works. I will let you know if we found out anything else
ok, something was wrong with the workspace. After I recreated the workspace true REST everything is working fine