Hello Folks, I've integrated the Good data UI<...
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Hello Folks, I've integrated the Good data UI<Dashboard|Insights> in our application. The authentication is done via our app and good data is set up with the oidc. Gooddata UI is used via ContextDeferredAuthProvider. The App loads the dashboards correctly. Facing 2 specific issues and wanted help for the same. 1. When we open the dashboard page first time it says [NO SESSION] for sec and then redirects to oidc but as its authenticated returns back to the screen now if we open the page after this dashboard appears as usual its only the first time we observe the flicker 2. On logout the client is logged out from the Identity provider but if we manually enter the good data URL we see the previous session still exists. We are using Keycloak and the logout url is set to https://<domain>.cloud.gooddata.com/logout . It still doesn't work unless the logout is called manually from browser Thanks in advance
Hi Vinod, Before we proceed further, can you please confirm what type of SDK are you using and what version? Also, can you please record HAR files for both issues and send it to me in private message? I will then pass it for further investigation. Thanks