Drilldown to relative external link Hi, we are bu...
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Drilldown to relative external link Hi, we are building our reacJS app that embeds dashboards and visualisations ((https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/embed-visualizations/#referential-components). We have a use case where we would like to offer a drilldown from an Insight component to another page from GD 2 questions: 1. how do we programmatically set a drilldown url for the insight, pointing to a relative url (relative=another react url in our app)? 2. how do you programmatically embed a “drilldown-ed” version of a visualisation? In the GD UI, on a chart, you set a drilldown to open, say, a list of values “behind” the selected data point. With the React UI SDK, how would we embed only the driled down table with the filter preset to an arbitrary value?
Hello Romain, I'd like to direct you to the following documentation which will help you set up drilling via UI SDK: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/gooddata-ui/latest/learn/add_interactivity/drillable_items/
thanks a lot, will take a look with my dev. re: Q2, any idea re embedding Insights with filters as it cames from a drilldown?