hi there, is there any way to have the dates not l...
# gooddata-ui
hi there, is there any way to have the dates not look this ugly? See comparison with Amplitude.
Hello Sameer, There are more options to try and maybe get a cleaner look that you are looking for, but it also depends on how you are looking to break down the dates. As for now, I can submit this as product feedback to have the option of formatting the dates in column and line charts.
Actually Sameer, I realize you are working with SDK, and this gives you more freedom. You can certainly create your own custom visualization to display the dates as you wish.
Hi Joseph, sorry I missed this message. We haven’t implemented anything with the SDK yet, our initial application is using the iframe embed.
Another example is this from Google Analytics
The main thesis is that people don’t need every single date label, they need enough for orientation and then they can hover over the graph points to see the details per data point.
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