markdown in table or repeater? I’m trying to have ...
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markdown in table or repeater? I’m trying to have a rich text display dynamically, ie coming from the DB. • The rich text widget is static (hardcoded in the dashboard) • the table doesn’t seem to render it • the repeater deals with images and link, but doesn’t render the markdown. Is there a way to do data-driven markdown rendering in a widget?
Hi Romain, the rich text widget lets you embed Markdown content into your dashboards. But reports such as the table and repeater widgets do not support rendering markdown content at this time. You can find more details on markdown here: However, GoodData Cloud is constantly evolving, and future releases may include support for dynamic markdown rendering in widgets, and I will be happy to mark this as “Product feedback” on your behalf if this is something that you’d like to see in the future.
Thanks Michael, I’m familiar with the Rich Text widget but like I said, it’s static (ie hardcoded in the design) whereas we need it to be dynamic (coming from a data attribute). Ideally tables and repeaters would also support it. So yes please log it as product feedback/feature request.
🎉 New note created.