Hey GoodData! I wanted to confirm that Snowflake d...
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Hey GoodData! I wanted to confirm that Snowflake dynamic tables aren’t currently supported. Any chance they are on the roadmap to be supported soon? Sorry! This is already supported, it was a permission issue on my end.
I guess in the meantime a potential workaround is to just slap a view on top of any dynamic tables.
Hi Michael, it may be possible to build something using SDK and custom visualizations. However, could you explain your use case a bit more and how you would use dynamic tables with GoodData?
Hi Joseph, I believe Michael is not interested in any dynamic kind of front-end visualization, but rather “dynamic tables as a Snowflake feature” that allows to encapsulate data transformations with regular refresh into a specific type of Snowflake table, I assume these tables are currently not visible/usable in the GD modeller. Maybe @Jan Soubusta would know if there is a plan to support them any time soon? And in the meantime a view should do the trick.
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We can fix it quickly, we release every day. @Michael Gray may I kindly ask you to send me what you see in the column TABLE_TYPE if you SELECT the dynamic table from INFORMATION_SCHEMA?
Hey Jan, awesome!! If I select a dynamic table from the information schema, it has a TABLE_TYPE of
and the IS_DYNAMIC field is
let me know if I can help further!
Well, that's strange. We already support base tables. Looks like JDBC does not propagate them correctly. Will test it. I am now attending the Snowflake Summit, so I can ask for help 😉
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I just tested it in my organization. I created a dynamic table like this:
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create table test as select 1 as a;

create dynamic table test_dyn
    TARGET_LAG = '1 minute'
        select * from test;
Then I opened our LDM Modeler UI app and refreshed the corresponding data source. I can see both TEST and TEST_DYN tables in the left panel.
AHHHHHH, my apologies! This was a permission issue on my end. I am seeing my dynamic table now after granting the appropriate permission on my good data user
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