Hi GoodData team, I'm working on a setup using par...
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Hi GoodData team, I'm working on a setup using parent workspaces as environments. The snag I've run into is that the workspace data filter ID needs to be unique across them so I added a prefix to it in each (e.g,
), but then when I deploy my .yaml files from CLI the filter ID doesn't match between the mutliple environments. Is there a way to pass this as a variable into all the yaml files when I validate or deploy? Could this be done in the gooddata.yaml file?
Or can the profile being used be accessed in these files?
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  - filter_id: {$profile}-workspace-filter
Hi Tim, thank you for highlighting this. In general, passing variables like this is currently not supported, but let me double check this internally. We will get back to you with an update soon!
Hi Tim, as far as I know, the best practice for having multiple environments is to have multiple GoodData organizations (with different hostnames). That way not only you can have separate access for dev and prod organization admins, but the organizations also can have identical in variable names. Depending on your contract, you might be eligible for more than one environment, like in this case.
Hi Tim, As far as I know
are currently not supported by the CLI. Currently, there is some king of a concept, but it has not been released yet.
Okay, thanks! This would be a nice feature to have in the future for those who don't have multiple organizations/hostnames.