I've been looking at the events that embedded dash...
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I've been looking at the events that embedded dashboards emit, and it seems most aren't considered stable – is there a different way to do 2-way communications with embedded dashboards/visualizations? (For example, when a user clicks a part of a visualization, changing other non-gooddata page content?) I'm currently using the React SDK.
Also, Drill into URL doesn't appear to work within my embedded dashboards (React or Web Component – though with iframes it does work). Is there additional configuration required for using Drill into URL with embedded dashboards?
The Drill into URL interaction also works on the GoodData edit page (in view mode). If I configure another drill interaction, I can see the two options (so clicking is working), and I can see that the proper events (e.g.,
with the proper URL in the payload) are being dispatched, but then nothing happens.
(There are no errors in the javascript console, fwiw)
Hi, thank you for the questions, let me gather details and I’ll get back to you.
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Hi @Jan Kos, any news on these two questions? (Communicating from embedded GD & embedding Drill into URL?)
Hi Kayde, sorry for the delay getting back to you. Regarding drilling, appropriate events are still emitted, but the embedder need to handle them programmatically using eventHandlers prop documented here. There’s also example in the gallery here (it is for drill to dashboard though, however with modification it should work for drill to url as well). And I’m still checking your initial question with our engineers.
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the events are ok to use… if there would be plan to introduce some breaking changes, we would announce it in an advance and with proper guidance
Okay, sounds good. I was going based on the api docs saying "most of the event types are currently an alpha-level API that we reserve to change in the following releases," but I guess that is slightly outdated, then. I'm very excited to use those events, now!
To clarify (as I understand it) for future reference: 1. Some drill events (e.g., Drill to URL) do nothing by default when embedded (except in iframes), and must be handled by an eventHandler on the dashboard 2. All Dashboard Events are good to use, and any breaking changes will be announced with sufficient notice & guidance