I Added new user but it is not possible to log in ...
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I Added new user but it is not possible to log in for it. I tested on another email and same result 😕
Hi Markéta, I’m sorry to hear about those troubles. Could you tell me a bit more about how you do Authentication in your GoodData Cloud domain? Is it configured to use your own OIDC, or is it still using GoodData’s? With that in mind, would you kindly share the steps that you are taking to create the user?
I just added new user and then I requested for new pass via good data, but when this user log-in - it goes to error, we didnt changed anything yet, this approach was working in pass (at least I think so)
So we are using Good Data ones.
I created user - by create button, added name and email. - then requested for this email password via forgot password in GD - (I wanted to test it) - and then login this user and tried to access GD of our organization - but it didnt work out.
(i didnt set up Autentication ID, I let system to set it up automatickly)
Thanks for the details! I suspect that you are creating the user on the GoodData Organization, but it isn’t actually being created on our OIDC provider (which is where authentication of users is actually done). Could you share the user’s email so I can check on my end? You can send it over via DM 🙂
Just a quick update: we identified that the issue was caused by the same user existing on a Trial domain (which in turn led to it existing in GoodData’s OIDC), so login with that user failed on the actual production GoodData domain. To fix it, the user was added to GoodData’s OIDC (with Support’s help). 🙂 Please let us know through here if your new user has any trouble logging in!