Hi Team :wave:, today one of my user has faced a p...
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Hi Team 👋, today one of my user has faced a problem while executing LCM's release brick. The account of the user is
(same as platform account ID's permission i.e. platform.gooddata@redica.com) and can access the
_service workspace
, view the LCM bricks. But when the user tries to run the brick, an error is encountered "`User not authorized to access the data source 645a7dd7ad4db23c56806437`". We are able to run the bricks using platform account ID without any issue. Our account:
(production) I checked in my data sources setup and there is no data source with this ID:
that is visible to me (I am using platform account to see this). The ADD load is setup to use a data source with ID:
Can you please suggest what is the issue here ?
Hello Shankar, the error indicates that the user running the brick does not have enough permissions to run it due to the missing access to the data source, esentially, bricks that run automatically (scheduled) will run with the permissions of the user who last deployed them. But if bricks are manually executed (run now), they will run with the permissions of the user triggering it which I undestand is the case here. With this said, please make sure all the permissions in the datasource has been assigned correctly as indicated in our documentation here: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/growth/en/data-integration/data-preparation-and-distrib[…]data-loading-processes/share-a-data-source-with-other-users/. If you are unable to see this datasource yourself, you will need to log in as a domain admin first so you can adjust the sharing settings as needed.
I see the ticket, will add the details and continue there. Thank you @Moises Morales.
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Please allow me to send over here my findings for future reference purposes. The data source with ID 645a7dd7ad4db23c56806437 is being used to store the input source for the release brick, but it has not been shared with the user that faced the problem when triggering the schedule. To solve the issue, you will have to share the datasource by following the steps in the documentation sent previously.