Hi GoodData team, I'm working with the VSCode exte...
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Hi GoodData team, I'm working with the VSCode extension / CLI (version 0.7.0) and have encountered an issue with
gd validate
. It seems to not be able to handle environment variables the same way the other commands can (e.g.,
). I'm running
gd validate -p dev
and getting this error message:
I don't encounter the same error of the .env variables loading if using
gd clone -p dev
gd deploy -p dev
Hello Tim, passing the datasource ID as a variable does not seem to be supported at the moment, the extension is looking for the exact ID assigned to the data source in GoodData Cloud. Could you please provide details about your use case? What is the reason the ID has to be passed as a variable? Generally speaking, variables are reserved for data that you do not wish to have in plain text, for example in a version control system.
Thanks @Moises Morales. My preference would be for all of these values to be stored as .env variables so we can a) have them all hidden from our version control, and b) easily swap them out for developers working on different environments. Our use case is to have multiple development and QA workspaces that are self-contained with their own data storage system.
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Thank you for the details, Tim. I have passed the details directly to our developers, please note that the VSCode extension is a beta feature, but it is under active development. I invite you to stay tuned to our release notes to be up to speed with the latest updates.
Thanks! You can tell them I'm really liking the VSCode extension and CLI!
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Super useful already
My colleagues will be happy to hear this, thanks!