Hi, I'm looking to set custom CSS properties throu...
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Hi, I'm looking to set custom CSS properties through themes (in GoodData Cloud, using iframes). Is there a reason that we can't just set any css property – that it's limited to the select ones laid out in the docs? (For example, my modals are stretching way too tall, since the iframe is very tall. If I could set the height/maxHeight and positioning, there wouldn't be that problem. Instead, all I can do is set css variables, which aren't applied anywhere.)
Hi Kayden. It’s not possible to achieve that level of customization from GoodData Cloud out-of-the-box. Indeed, only the properties mentioned on the doc you linked are the ones that can be customized for iFrames straight out of GD Cloud. That said, the stretched modals you mentioned are discussed in the article Embed Dashboards Using Iframes:
Height and Width Limitations
Iframe height: Ensure the iframe height is no larger than the browser window height to prevent modal dialogs from stretching incorrectly.
Please take a look at that article and consider configuring the height on the iFrame itself, to prevent that. Greater levels of customization can be achieved via our GoodData.UI SDK, though - do check it out, if you’re interested!
Hmm, okay, thank you. I'm still not entirely sure why these properties are locked away, but I understand that they are currently. I'll see what I can do.