we are planning to do some cleanup work in our wor...
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we are planning to do some cleanup work in our workspaces and delete unused dashboards and insights. For insights it is quite clear, but what would be the correct process to remove dashboards that the admin doesn’t have access to? Currently we’re asking the people to provide access where possible, but we found quite some dashboards that belong to former employees who no longer have an account.
Hello Thomas, if the dashboard has not been shared with you, then it won’t be possible to remove it via the UI, but it is possible to list private or “hidden” dashboards via gray pages by navigating to the endpoint
from here, append
, hit enter and they will be listed. Once you identify the dashboard that you want to delete, click on its name and copy its URL. You can then delete it by doing a DELETE call on the object via your preferred API client.
ah ok, so deletion would work via API, thanks! I already know all the dashboards and identified them via graypages