generally, how often does data from psql get refre...
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generally, how often does data from psql get refreshed in reports? my model points to a view, but when I pull a report utilizing said view, it never seems to be up to date, even when I click “refresh data” on the visualization report (left hand side bar)
Hey Sasha, I’ve checked your Org, and it looks like you are using GoodData Cloud. This channel (#gooddata-platform) is intended for the GoodData Platform product - so be sure to open a thread on #gooddata-cloud next time! 😉 Now, on to the question: The Refresh data items button in the Analytical Designer is intended to ensure that the list of objects is kept up-to-date in case you add new metrics to the workspace, for example, without having to refresh the entire page. It does not refresh the connection to the Data Source. Instead, I would recommend Reloading the Cached Data. This is because GoodData keeps a Cache of results, to avoid continuously querying the Data Source. If you make any changes there, clearing this cache is your best bet to ensure GoodData will keep up with the changes. Please give that a shot and let me know if it works out!