Hello All, Has anyone seen an issue where CSV/XLSX...
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Hello All, Has anyone seen an issue where CSV/XLSX exports get pivoted horizontally instead of vertically? See the example below. It happens anytime a date is in the "trend by" of a line chart. Also, is there a way to rotate a line chart 90 degrees or swap the axis? Thanks.
Hi Patrick. I ran some tests here and whatever attribute is added to the Trend by section will be displayed in the columns when exported to XLSX. If you think about it, it makes sense: the rows represent the Y-axis, and the columns the X-axis, when a line chart is “translated” into a table. It’s not possible to rotate or pivot a Line Chart in GoodData Cloud. But, if your intent is to export it and check the underlying data on a CSV/XSLX, may I suggest using a Pivot Table visualization, instead? You can do that by opening your Line Chart visualization in the Analytical Designer and simply changing the visualization type to a Pivot Table. You can then tweak it to your liking - changing the orientation and all - before exporting it to a table format.
hmmm... Okay then it sounds like a bug. I will open a support ticket. Thank you for confirming I was not doing something wrong.
Thank you