Hi Team, we've been testing out the VSCode plugin ...
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Hi Team, we've been testing out the VSCode plugin / GoodData CLI and have seen the following missing (
). 1. Permissions are missing in the
dashboard object
, so when we deploy, all the dashboard permissions are removed and users can no longer access dashboards. 2. workspaceDataFilterReferences are missing in the
dataset object
, so when we deploy, workspace filtering stops working.
Hi @Cian Cullinan VSCode plugin is currently in beta and the features you are mentioning are currently missing as well as user data filters. We are constantly improving and adding features to the plugin and by the time the plugin will be production ready, all of the critical features will be added.
Hi Jan, great to hear. Just giving our feedback so far when testing the CLI. Do you have any timeline for these particular features to be added ?
@Cian Cullinan - Workspace Data Filters are being added to the product as we speak and we would love to hear about your expectations and usecase for the analytics as code approach. Thanks!
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Hi @Cian Cullinan. Check out v0.7.0 we released yesterday. Both issues you’ve mentioned are now resolved 🙂 Happy coding!
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Great news ! thanks @Andy for the update. Can we access the full release notes somewhere ? I would be interested to see what else has changed.
We’ve added these 3 new features in 0.7.0 (on top of regular bug fixes): • Support for Dashboard Permissions • Support for Attribute Hierarchies • Support for Workspace Data Filters (in datasets)
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