Hi team, I am trying to create new users to access...
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Hi team, I am trying to create new users to access Gooddata cloud, I was not able to do it through the UI so I used the API endpoint
. payload:
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  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "email": "<mailto:testuser@example.com|testuser@example.com>",
      "firstname": "test",
      "lastname": "user"
    "id": "testuser",
    "type": "user"
However, I cannot log in using this user as I cannot set the password through the API, I've tried using the forgot password link to reset the password but not receiving the email. Have I missed any step while configuring this user? Also Is there a simple way to create users via UI?
details of a created user:
Hello Rajat, the user was not created correctly because your organization is still using our OIDC provider. You will need to switch to your own OIDC provider first, so then you can create and invite the users via the UI as well. You can find the necessary information for this switch in our guide here: https://community.gooddata.com/administration-kb-articles-49/authentication-in-gooddata-cloud-823
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Hi Moises, It still possible to create additional users, without moving the OIDC?
Hi Rajat, since you are still using our OIDC, the user will have to be created on our end. Note that this is a manual task on our end, therefore it requires some availability from our technical team and the only limitation is that we are able to invite the user as an admin as we assume the user will work on the migration to the new OIDC.
Hi Moises, Thanks for your prompt reply!, Got it. To have more control over the users we will have to implement our own OIDC.
A last question though, If we change the OIDC configuration of the organization, will it cause any downtime due to change in the settings of the users still under the default Gooddata OIDC?
for more context we have a admin user registered under the gooddata. will changing the organization settings to migrate the OIDC to our own cause any issues to the way this user functions?
There is no downtime, provided that the users have been recreated in your OIDC and you are ready to modify the user metadata to update the authenticationId. Please remember to append
to the user API endpoint when making this change so you donโ€™t lose the access to the admin group. For example:
The details about the API can be found in our documentation here: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/manage-organization/manage-users/entity-interface/
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Thanks, Moises.