Hey all, I know there is a 20 column limit on some...
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Hey all, I know there is a 20 column limit on some tables -> is there some workaround to have 25 columns? Really its meant for an easy way to export data and for us to give our customers ->
Hi Steve, Let us double-check this internally. Could you please meanwhile confirm whether you are interested only in exports or also in standard insights in UI?
Hey Steve, Juts a quick check, are you speaking about the limitations of Pivot Tables, by chance?
Yes, Pivot Table are one area we are seeing having issue with exports. We are doing a pivot and are building something but running into the limit.
Its mostly for exporting purposes.
@Steve Fox I have double-checked this with our engineering and unfortunately, the column attribute limit (20) is a hardcoded limit in SDK and there is currently no config or way how to override it. I’ve received some echo that we plan to look into conceptually extending SDK limits, probably in early Q1. However, nothing was decided yet and I cannot provide you with some specific ETA at this time.
In any case, if you wish, let me know and I will gladly submit a product feedback on your behalf so our product team is aware that there is an interest in such a change.
Yes please add to the product board that we would be interested in such a change
🎉 New note created.