Hello! One of our customers (i.e. users of our em...
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Hello! One of our customers (i.e. users of our embedded GoodData instance) is receiving the following error for a dashboard:
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  "title": "Bad Request",
  "status": 400,
  "detail": "A result cache error has occurred during the calculation of the result",
  "resultId": "ecc5aed228308f5fae22d2d5ab4a5cc929b84e8d",
  "reason": "Ambiguous context, dimensionalities='[([dataset/project_fields_f34dc0984b5048fda141f15caa4c83db/79c1a1c8-236e-4cf5-b96a-e0ac8bbce506], []), ([dataset/project_fields_78100495d1d4446fbf64ce7db83a0e9e/79c1a1c8-236e-4cf5-b96a-e0ac8bbce506, dataset/project_fields_f34dc0984b5048fda141f15caa4c83db/79c1a1c8-236e-4cf5-b96a-e0ac8bbce506], [attribute/project.project_id/79c1a1c8-236e-4cf5-b96a-e0ac8bbce506])]'",
  "traceId": "01a4fefc11db95af258fbd236b25a3a2"
Trace Id: 01a4fefc11db95af258fbd236b25a3a2 This only happens when the dashboard includes certain date fields. This dashboard used to load without issue, with the same fields. Any suggestions on how to resolve?
Hi Eoghan, Could you please confirm which date filters specifically, and can you also confirm if any changes have recently been made to the LDM? Does this same error occur when using any other attribute filters?
Hi Joseph. It's not filters, it's using date fields as rows in an insight. Yes the LDM was updated recently. Our schema is unusual in that we have a class of tables who's source is dynamic - the users can customize the fields in our application, which means we have to rebuild their LDM when that happens.
Could you please confirm if the date dimensions are no longer connected to the other objects used in the insight within the LDM?
Hi again Joseph. The date dimensions are still connected to the main object used in the insight. I now think this is related to GoodData’s recent release of composite key functionality. We had already been using composite keys without issue, but the release broke our ldm generation via the Python SDK.
So @Martin Burian helped remove the GoodData composite key functionality from our production instances. However, I think that has had the negative effect of removing the primary key from the main table in this affected insight.
That primary key was already a composite - it was defined as
PRIMARY KEY (process_id, project_id)
. I believe this was to allow us to have
as both the primary and foreign key (the implementation was before I inherited our Analytics feature aka GoodData integration)
Now when I inspect that table and the others like it in the GoodData Data tab, the table has no listed primary key and I cannot define it as per our model, because the project_id is necessarily a foreign key and can’t be used as the primary key.
Hi Eoghan, as we discussed the grain was never set for the dataset. The issue could be caused by moving the attribute causing the failures between datasets. Please let us know if it really happened or we should investigate further. Thank you.
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Actually our developers are already looking if it could be a change on our side.