Hey. So recently due to comments from support, I w...
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Hey. So recently due to comments from support, I was asked to de-normalize my data model. I did so, but now the values are breaking. When I have $ Cleared and $ Posted in my table -it inflates the cleared amount by many many times (pic1). When I remove Poster filter in $ Posted field, the amount returns to normal (pic2). The de-normalization is structured to have a user_id in the main table. This user id points to another table called
. The user values in main table can either exist or they can be null. How do I go around this issue?
Hi Filip, I am really sorry for the troubles you are experiencing here. However, I can see that you have already opened a ticket regarding this topic and it is currently with our L2 Technical Support Team. May I kindly ask you to follow-up in that ticket and provide there this information? I believe that would be the best course of action here. Our L2 colleagues will get back to you as soon as they are available.